Windbag Pro – A portable camera stabiliser

Wind Bag ProWindbag Pro is truly a first, the only light-weight and portable camera stabilizer, unique in its design. Blurred pictures are still a problem, even in the digital age. Windbag is a light and portable, camera stand, stabilser and mount system that will put paid to any camera shake.

The Windbag Pro consists of a slip-on mount that slides easily and securely over a car window. The mount supports a tough, suede bag, filled with polyurethane “beans”. You can support your camera lens on the bag for sharp, shake-free photography. The bag is attached to the mount with Velcro and is easily detached and can be used anywhere to support your camera. The essence of the product is speed – no complicated set-up – just rest your camera on the bag and click – you won’t miss that shot!

Windbag ProWindbag Pro is designed to maintain the camera mount at the perfect level even whilst driving so that you are instantly ready for that new shot. The Windbag’s accessibility cannot be overstressed, it makes the difference between catching that perfect photograph (of a lion crossing in front of the vehicle, for instance), or missing it, whilst fiddling with complicated mount settings. A truly innovative wildlife photography development.

Premier publications such as Getaway, Getaway web page, Weg, Go, Leisure Wheels, SA 4×4, Wegbreek and Drive Out as well as SA Birds & Birding and the EnglishAmateur Photographer’ have featured the amazing Windbag Pro camera mount due to its stabilizing and unique design. See our reviews for more.

The Windbag Pro’s mount effectively increases the width and stability of the 4mm vehicle window glass to 90mm, providing a very sturdy base for the suede bean bag to rest on, cushioning the camera lens (or binoculars).

Game viewing and bird watching are becoming ever more popular and South Africa has some of the best wildlife reserves in the world. The Windbag Pro is compact and light-weight. It is ideal for tourists as it does not unduly affect baggage weight limits.

All wildlife photographers or keen bird watchers should keep a Windbag Pro in their car, ready for that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Windbag Pro is suitable for all makes of camera and lens, as well as binoculars. In the field of car window lens or camera mounts, the Windbag reigns supreme.

Seeing is believing, visit the Windbag Pro bird gallery or the animal gallery to see what the Windbag Pro image stabilisation system can do for you.